Video is a very effective information transfer medium. It can combine images, moving and still with graphics, type, voice and music so what’s not to love.

A dilemma with making video is trying to get your message out in 10 to 30 seconds! The closer you are to 10 seconds the better as click off tends to happen between the 18 to 30 second mark.

Your viewer is very busy and must gather the necessary information in a short period of time. If they toggle the progress bar at the bottom of a video and see 60 seconds or 2 minutes they must decide if they can afford the time. Especially if they predict they may have to see 5 to 10 videos or even more if they can’t find their objective right away.

That is where Stinger Video comes in. We create a short movie with a “Sting” so your message hits hard and is hard to forget.

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